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英文三寶 The Three Treasures in English

英文三寶 The Three Treasures in English 

各位先生小姐,請坐  Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated.

後學感謝天恩師德仁慈,今天有這個機會, 與各位先生小姐在此共結善緣

I’m going to take this opportunity to thank for the graciousness God and altogether make the friendly friends with all.

好的 ,首先,歡迎各位先生小姐回到佛堂

Well, first of all, welcome back to our public hall for worshiping Buddha.

並且再一次恭喜各位先生小姐 Once again, congratulations to you.

今天得道  You have received Tao today.

道什麼呢   What is Tao?

道是路  Tao is a way,

我們靈性回天的路  which for our spiritualities returning to heaven,

回去天國,跟上帝在一起  being together with holy God.


The Tao we have received is the same as Jesus’.

我們的靈性來自上天    Our spiritualities come from heaven,

求道以後, 將來我們的靈性可以回天

Once we received Tao, our spiritualities can return to heaven in the future.

求道得受三寶   The benefit of receiving Tao is getting the Three Treasures.

三寶可以幫助我們回天  It can help us returning to heaven.

什麼是三寶?   What are the three Treasures?

剛剛傳道師傳給我們三寶   Our Tao Transmitting Master has just passed to us.

你們記住了嗎?   Are you able to remember?

或忘記了呢?   Or if you have already forgotten,

沒關係    it is O.K.!

現在,後學再幫大家複習一次 I’m going to review it now.

第一寶  玄關竅    The First Treasure – the Heavenly Portal/ Gate

什麼是玄關竅?    What is the Heavenly Portal?


Have you heard of “seven orifices eight qiao”?

什麼是七孔呢?     What is “seven orifices?” (Eyes have 2, ears have 2, nose has 2, and mouth 1, total comes to 7 of them.)

那麼, 第八竅在哪裡?    Then, where is the eighth orifice (qiao)?

就是玄關竅    That is the Heavenly portal.

玄關竅在哪裡?     Where is it?

我們說, 眼睛是靈魂之窗,那麼,靈魂之門在哪裡?

A saying, the eye is window of the soul, then, where is the door of the soul?

有沒有人知道?     Does anybody know about it?

 在兩(  )中間 , 剛剛傳道師點這裡,還記得嗎?

 That is in between the place where the transmitting Master had initiated the point, do you still remember?

聖經說:這是十字架    The Bible says, this is the cross,

十字架中有真人    in the cross has the true self.

 十字架的真意在這裡     That is the true meaning of the cross.

我們的靈性由此進出    Our spiritualities pass in and out from there.

觀音菩薩額頭有一紅記   Guan Yin Bodhisattva (Goddess of Mercy) has a red mark in frontal,


Because heavenly secret cannot be divulged, so the red mark is marked there.

真正的位置就在這裡(玄關竅),將來, 我們的靈性可以從這裡回天

That is the place of the gate of which our spiritualities would return to the heaven from there when we die.

第二寶:真言The Second Treasure – the Heavenly Mantra/ Password

真言有五個字 There are five words of the Mantra.

還記得嗎? Do you remember?

請跟我說一次 Please repeat it. 12345

真言有何功能呢? What would be the mysterious strength of the code to Heaven?

當你遇到危險時 可以在心中默想 When you are in danger, you may chant this passage of password in your heart.

仙佛會幫助你使你避免劫難Buddha will help you to avoid the disasters.

但真言不能說出來,只能在心裡想But you cannot recite the password out loud, only repeat in your heart.

如果說出來,會洩露天機 If you chant it out loud, you may reveal the heavenly secret.

第三寶  合同(手印) The Tired Treasure –The Hand Sign

你們還記得手印嗎? Do you remember how to make the hand sign?

我們來複習一次  Let’s review it.

現在請舉起你們的雙手 Now, please hold up your both hands,

右手大拇指按在⊙處 put your right thumb to your right pinky and touch ⊙ this place,

左手大拇指按在⊙處 and put your left thumb into the same spot ⊙ of your right pinky,

左手包右手  close up your fingers of your left hand and hold your right hand tight.

我們可以抱手印禮拜  We may hold the hand sign for a prayer,

手印的意思是孩子 ,我們的心要像小孩的心,簡單純潔 it means that

We shall keep our pure heart as a child -- simple chaste.

聖經:要回天國   要抱一個小孩

As the Bible says, return to the heaven must bosom a child.

意思就是抱手印 That means to hold a hand sign.

那麼,我們再複習三寶一次 Then, let’s review the Three Treasures once more.

第一寶 the First Treasure→   the Heavenly Portal/ Gate

第二寶the Second Treasure→ the Heavenly Mantra/ Password

第三寶the Third Treasure→ the Hand Sign

最後須注意幾件事情  At last, please keep the following matters in mind:

The龍天 Holy Registration

表文昇天The Holy Registration [ ] 掛號 to Heaven

地府抽丁 Withdraw [ ]撤消 the name from hell

天榜掛號 Register in Heavenly Board

1.      我們宗教信仰名稱:一貫道

our religious belief appellation [ ]: I GUAN TAO

2.兩位明師   two enlightened teachers 

濟公活佛: Gi Gun Living Buddha

月慧菩薩: Yui Hui Bodhisattva [ ]菩薩

3.功德費 Merit Expense

第一次來佛堂求道,要繳功德費,功德費不是給我或其它人的 ,用於印善書,一生只有繳功德費一次   

 The first time to come to the temple and receive Tao, must give the merit expense. It is not to me personal or others, but for the printing of the holy books once of your life time.

以後來佛堂,都不用再繳功德費了  After that, you’ll never have to pay again.

4.求道卡內容 The ID card of receiving Tao

這張卡片叫求道卡 It is called “Qiu Tao Card”

⊙傳道師  The Transmitting Master


That’s the one with the white gown who just passed the Three Treasures to us --- Transmitting Master Chen


We need a Transmitting Master to pass Tao to us,

因為點傳師有天命 because he/she has a heavenly mandate.

⊙引保師  the introducer and the guarantor

 每個人來佛堂求道    Everybody come to the temple receiving Tao,

必須有兩個人在佛前立愿  must have two people to vow in front of Buddha.

引師 One is the Introducer,

 因為我們善良,俱足根基 佛緣  because of our kindness, have the foundation and Buddha affinity,


So the Introducer introduce us to come to the temple and receiving Tao.

保師 The other is the guarantor.

保證道是好的  To assure Tao is sacred,

求道後可以脫離輪迴,將來可以回天國  與上帝同在

After receiving Tao, we may be separated from samara, and may return to heaven, being with God.

有引保師立愿擔保 With the Introducer and the Guarantor’s guarantee,

點傳師才能將道傳給我們  the Transmitting Master is able to transmit Tao to us.

⊙ 求道日 The date of receiving Tao

今天是西元(A.D) 2008.9.14 today is September fourteenth, 2008,

農曆:97.8.15   Chinese lunar calendar is August Fifteenth.

必須記住今天的日子 You must remember today’s date.

⊙道場名稱   The name of the Temple


I GUAN TAO Bao Guang Jian De Tian Lun Holy House


all our life only receive the tao once time


after,if any other people want take you to receivethe tao again,you can’t again receive the tao


 if have family or friend want receive the tao

必須帶他來佛堂 must take him come to the temple

不可以自己告訴他  not yourself talk out to him


else,can reveal heavenly secret

今天 後學解說到此  today I  explain to here

如果有任何不圓滿處 if have any not perfectly

 請原諒 please by your leave

最後再一次恭喜大家 finally,let me say congratulation to all of you again

謝謝大家 thank you very much

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